​​​Kid Nation Foundation

Clip of Ezekiel XI performing Jehovah's Sandals at the CAPA "Young and Ready" Show.

2009 - H1N1 Video Kid Nation artist, Big E, did the rap voice over for this PSA used to promote safety precautions to take to stop the spread of the H1N1 virus.

Kid Nation would like to thank Pittsburgh CAPA for having us perform at its "Young and Ready" show. Here is a clip from Pocket Ace's performance.

2015 Thrival Festival - Bangotang

Kid Nation performed on the local stage for the Thrival Festival.  Later during Raekwon and Ghost Face Killah's set, this happened.

2015 Kid Nation Foundation has just released our new DVD!  It's full of music, skits, sneak previews into the new series, "Bam Bam's World, and much more! 

2012 - Kid Nation artist Z1 Nation raps the theme song for Channel 11 Eyewitness News Morning show in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina.

Clip of Elijah Aaron performing Safe at Pittsburgh CAPA's "Young and Ready" show.

​​​Welcome To The Kid Nation Foundation Website!​​

Bam Bam's World
Kid Nation is currently working on a show entitled, Bam Bam's World.  Here is a sneak peek at one of the skits, "Cooking with Bam Bam"

Kid Nation Founders and WuLord members perform, "Soul Search Slang Pt. 2" at Pittsburgh CAPA's "Young and Ready" show.

2015 Pocket Aces - Love Story Video

Kid Nation produced this video for Pocket Aces' first video release from their upcoming cd, "Pocket Aces."

The Kid Nation Foundation Is a non-profit organization made for the kids, by the kids. Watch the trailer we have below for a more In depth explanation.  

2011 Kid Nation Benefit Concert

Kid Nation invited talented performers from all over the area to come out and perform with them at the August Wilson Center.  The goals was to raise money to help supplement the free shows and honor roll tours that we put on each year.

Here is some footage from the show.

2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Hot Dog Song Kid Nation artist Z1 Nation raps the Pittsburgh Pirates Hot Dog Song.  This video has been played in the Pirates' stadium during over 180 home games.