About Us

The Alinea Group provides management consulting services to the country’s leading healthcare organizations with a focus in ...
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Our Approach

As the 340B program’s reach extends far beyond pharmacy, The Alinea Group assists covered entities in ensuring ...
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by five basic principles:
1. We believe education and training is paramount to an ...
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The Alinea Group is acutely aware that there is no “one-size-fits all” model for operating a 340B program. Factors such as physician employment models, service line set up (relative to the cost report), hardware, software, IT resources, etc. dictate how a 340B program should be set up and monitored.

The Alinea Group is uniquely qualified to create custom compliance programs based on our significant knowledge of hospital and pharmacy operations, electronic medical records, 340B software, and 340B regulations. Furthermore, our professionals understand the challenges of operating a compliant contract pharmacy program and are equipped to guide clients on designing the most compliant methods of operating the program based on the unique attributes of the covered entity.

Reach out to a TAG professional today and you’ll see the difference. We take the stress out of 340B and will find the right solution for your covered entity.