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To become featured, send an email to with the work you want to be featured, your name, age, and most reliable contact information.

Not required but highly encouraged that you include a message explaining a little about your art and your motivation behind it. We accept dance videos, music, spoken word, short films, and more!

We do not accept any content promoting violence or bullying!

Try to keep it as clean as possible!

Be sure to analyze your work before sending it in to see if it fits the message and image of KNF!

The Kid Nation Foundation is a non-profit organization made for the kids, by the kids. Watch the trailer we have below for a more in depth explanation.  

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Aniya Lanai is an amazingly talented 16 year old female singer from Chicago, IL! 

​Here's a single off her new project 'Time For This'


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kid nation foundation sends a congratulations to the class of 2020!

We want to highlight the great talents the youth possess and give them a platform to be heard. This portion of our site is dedicated to just that! We encourage all our KNF members with content they want to give to the world to submit their works in!





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Kid Nation Foundation was created in 2008 by kids for kids.  We feel that so often the focus is on kids when we do something wrong, but no one notices when we're doing what's right, so we wanted to do something that spotlighted the good we can do. At Kid Nation, Inc. we believe we can live all of our dreams and set new positive trends for the next generation to follow. We are tapping into the energy, creativity, and talents of kids just like us.