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Kid Nation would like to thank Ms. Alvarez and the 10th grade students in her Integrated Studies Class at Holy Family Academy for inviting us to come and speak to you!  We enjoyed meeting all of you.  Thanks for the great questions!  We are looking forward to bringing our concert to you!

We are ordinary people . . . ordinary kids, but we have extraordinary power to reach out and touch the world.  All kids have this power, and we want to reach out and remind them of that.

At Kid Nation, we believe we can live all of our dreams and set new positive trends for the next generation to follow.  We are tapping into the energy, creativity, and talents of kids just like us.  We tour around the country and put on shows to motivate and inspire kids to do their best to make a change.

2015 will prove to be a busy year here at Kid Nation.  In addition to the Honor Roll Tour we are currently working on and booking for:

* The "NO BULLY ZONE" Tour

* "Stop the Violence" Tour 

* ULTV:UNDALRDS/ WuTV:WuLords TV! shows

* The Art of War: Graphic Novel

Kid Nation Foundation's

2015-2016 Honor Roll Tour!

Encourage, Motivate, Inspire, and Reward your students!

The Honor Roll Tour has been in place since 2008.  It is what we feel is one of our most important projects.  Through the Honor Roll Tour, we use our talents to motivate other students to work hard, succeed in school, and use their talents for positive things.  We travel the country putting on shows that reward students who are doing well in school.  This tour gives schools a chance to reward their students with a high energy, interactive concert meant to entertain, motivate, inspire, and empower.






Bernard Brown

Brandon Zapotoczny

Dawn Lilly

Devereaux Bennett

Felonious Denmark

Frankie Miller

Lee Davis

Lionel Ash

Lionel Ash, Jr.

Lisa Ash

Nathaniel Klein

Norma Neito

Shanda Snyder

Steve Johnson

Elijah Ash


we are NOW booking for the 2015-2016 honor roll tour!

Our Mission

Nigel Ash


11/5/15 Kid Nation Foundation has just released our new DVD!  It's full of music, skits, sneak previews into the new series, "Bam Bam's World, and much more! 

Kid Nation DVD Released!

The much anticipated Pocket Aces CD has been released!  Featuring the hit singles, "Ah Man" and "Love Song".  Don't miss it!  Check back here for ways to order the cd, and for free song downloads!


We are now in the process of booking the 2015-2016 Honor Roll Tour.  We are excited for what the new year holds!  Our show has been updated!  We have a new headlining act, and lots of surprises!  Does your school have a specific issue or topic you want addressed?  Contact us.  We can provide a show based on your school's specific needs.  

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Special Thanks!

Pocket Aces CD Released!


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