​​​Kid Nation Foundation

This program Is ran by Isaiah Ash, Also known as Bam Bam. Bam has been Involved In boxing since the age of 9. He’s also a rapper, and performer from Pittsburgh, PA. He's 11 years old, he's been apart of several music groups such as, The Pocketaces, and UNDALRDS.

Bam Bam's boxing class

- Bazooka Boxing -

     With Bazooka Boxing we teach you the proper conditioning and training for youth boxing. Here is the details we entail for this program. 

- First we start with stretching, Stretching is a huge part in Boxing, Especially in our program. We Stretch the upper body such as the head, shoulders, arms, etc,. After we stretch the upper body we stretch the lower body for full extension in the legs and full power in the thighs. Then last but not least...we jump rope. 

- Then we work on conditioning and drills, We show you how to pivot and how to do the “boxing walk” properly. Before we get in the ring or even before you put on your gloves, we need to build muscle and technique for the best performance. That’s why in this program we show you how to counter and slip punches quick and easy so you don’t get hit. 

- Then when you’re ready to get punching we show the efficient way of throwing that jab and getting the hand back so you can fire off again. We also show the skillful way of pivoting, throwing the jab and keeping balance. Then after you are at a professional amateur level. You’re ready to get in the ring… and win. - Isaiah "Biggity" Ash




Kid Nation Foundation Programs 

Hardy "Bazooka" Smallwood

Bam Bam

Lionel Ash

For more information about the facility and who we are as a unit. Go check out www.bazookaboxing.com 


We here at Bazooka Boxing Academy understand that the game of boxing is as much a mental battle as it is a physical war. We pride ourselves on the extensive program that we offer each of our fighters to fully prepare them for every round inside and outside of the ring. Our team of trainers and mentors work on instilling certain principles in our athletes to assist them in raising up from the canvas, and help prevent them from getting knocked down in the first place. Our principles include:

mental toughness
art of war
mathematics/ angles
work ethic
secrets of punching through your target
self worth
self discipline
self awareness
master of self

​​This program goes through the step by step process of footwork, defense, and offense to be the best that you can be at boxing!

Lionel Ash founded Bazooka Boxing in honor of his uncle Hardy "Bazooka" Smallwood. The incredible middleweight contender debuted in 1954 and terrorized the boxing scene with his unmatched speed and vicious power. Bazooka concluded his boxing career of 29 bouts with the record of 18-9-2, totally 3 KOs. 

In honor of Bazooka, Lionel Ash has created a facility and program that not only showcases the amazing legacy of his uncle, it provides state of the art equipment, training, and housing to assure its continuation through today's promising youth.