The 16 year old rapper Flau'jae, born In Savannah, Georgia releases a song named 'Guns Down' advocating against gun violence. 

At the age of 21, her father Jason Johnson passed to gun violence, this song talks about her dealing with It, her father passed before her birth therefore she was never able to see her.

This song has the positive message of stopping senseless gun violence and talks about the effects It has on families. We appreciate these kind of positive and powerful messages being put out, especially by a young girl, this Is what the youth needs!

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14 year old Actor marsai martin officially the youngest executive producer of a studio film

16 year old rapper flaujae writes song advocating against gun violence


The then 14 year old actor, now 15 year old actor has officially become the youngest executive producer of a studio film.

Her hit film 'Little', an entertaining comedy about an adult switching places with a kid Is great without knowledge of her being as young as she Is while being the executive producer of It. It being known just makes you appreciate It even more.

We salute her for being an example of accomplishment for young girls In the field of film or any field, she shows that no matter how young you are, It's never to early to strive for your dreams!

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