Sterling Kelby Brown, Born April 5, 1976 ( 43 years old ), St. Louis, MO and raised in the suburb of Olivette is an American Actor. He made his breakthrough in 2016 for portraying prosecutor Christopher Darden in the first season of the FX anthology series American Crime Story. He made has been in big hits such as, (2018) The Predator, (2018) Black Panther. He will Also Be In Upcoming Movies such as (2019) Angry Birds 2, and Last but not least, (2019) Frozen 2.

He won SIX tv show awards for "This is Us". He Has also won two Primetime Emmy Awards for "American Crime Story" in 2016. He also has an award for Black Panther. He has two children and A Beautiful Wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe.

He was taught at Leland Stanford Junior University in Stanford, CA. After graduation from college, Brown performed in a series of roles in theater, (2002) He Played at Public Theater Delacorte Theater, the show was called Twelfth Night, He Played the Role of Antonio. He Also Performed at National Actor's Theatre,   The Show was called "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui", He was playing Goodwill. Brown has also since appeared in numerous television shows including ER, NYPD Blue, JAG, Boston Legal, Alias, Without A Trace, Supernatural, and Third Watch. Brown was in the comedy Starved. 

As if right now, Sterling Kelby Brown is setting off to be in 2 New Movies Coming This Year (Frozen 2, Angry Birds 2) is an American Actor is setting off his award count with Nine awards! 6 Primetime Emmy TV show awards for "This is Us" 2 Awards for "American Crime Story" and Finally his most recent appearance in a movie "Black Panther" In 2019 "Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture"

​Sterling Kelby Brown, (43 years old) An American Actor who has more than just talent, but has a motive and a humble understanding of life and a powerful and creative brain with movie ideas to just in general with every move he takes. He is not just a father of two children, not just an actor, and not just a role model. But he is an Inspirational Star!  

Donald De La Haye born On December 2nd, 1996, also known as Deestroying on YouTube is a Content Creator/ Football Player on multiple different platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. etc., He makes videos about Football on Youtube and did multiple different collaborations with bigger YouTubers such as “JuJu and Loveliveserve”.

One of his biggest spotlight moments was when he had beef with a big college corporation called, “NCAA”. The Kicker was going big on his YouTube while also pushing his dream to become an NFL Professional Football Kicker but starting up with NCAA. In his Prime Time on YouTube and being the energetic star that he is behind the scenes, it wasn’t so pretty with NCAA and Donald. What Was Happening, was that NCAA was telling Donald to delete his YouTube Channel in order to stay on the football team despite UCF vouching for him, as the NCAA forbids its athletes from profiting off their athletic ability aside from their scholarships. Donald fought back with a public response on his own on his YouTube Channel called “Quit College Sports or Quit YouTube Channel” The Video Cause A lot Of controversy across the Sports College Community. Donald Processed to Go Up In Subscribers and Is over 1.4 million Subs as of 5/28/19 and Chose his YouTube over NCAA and quit and stopped his scholarship. Then he signed to the NFL as a free agent on May 5th in Pittsburgh, Pa. and on 5/22/19, he finally signed to a CFL Professional Football Team.  

Deestorying also makes music, He showed that on his YouTube with songs like “Stay Alive (Fortnite Parody), Cupid, Look At Me (NCAA Diss Track), etc.

He also has a girlfriend named Kiana Wudte, you can find her on Instagram @kianawudte or even her email His parents names are Donald and Sheron De La Haye.

As if right now, Donald De La Haye AKA Deestroying is practicing on his athletic ability on a CFL team, and Doing YouTube at the same time, he travels with his girlfriend a lot and lives in Florida at the moment but is moving back and forth. The Youtube Star, Football Player, and Overall an energetic comedic person, He is also an Inspirational Star!

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