I grew up In a hip hop household. As a young kid I was surrounded by music. Music was always playing. It was playing In the house, the car, live shows, studios, and gatherings. It was just apart of life.

I have always been In love with music. Different varieties, rhythms, and deliveries. All my brothers felt the same. I was born into a household where everyone was in love with music.​

When I was growing up, all my older brothers were all invested into music. I got to hear albums made by my brothers. I got to watch them rap, rehearse, perform, and record.

​As baby a I'd be on stage with my dad, In studios, meetings, and backstage at events. I was involved even before I could speak.

As young as 4 I started rapping. As time went on and my skills expanded, a group was formed between me and my little brother Bangotang, we were the Pocketaces. 

I grew up living for music! I wrote, recorded songs, performed, toured, and celebrated with my brothers. This was the core of my childhood.

A couple months before my 8th birthday I was on the set of a video for the UNDALRDS. In a moment between filming, everyone on the set was chilling. I was walking around, as I was looking around the room a piano caught my eye. I instantly got excited and knew I had to play It before I left.

I asked to play It but I had to wait. We still had more to film so I kept It In mind. As things wrapped up and we were able to break off, the first thing I did was see if i could play the piano. As soon as I got to play It, It just felt so natural. It was like a calling that I was supposed to be doing this, I was hooked!

I played It as much as I could that night before we had to leave. I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday!

When we got home I told my mom that I wanted a piano for my birthday. Pianos are pretty big and I was just starting out, she told me about a keyboard. I have seen keyboards before but I never knew what they were. This was brand new to me, I was even more excited than before!

Fast forward to the morning of my 8th birthday. I got woken up and told to come downstairs to the dining room. As I walked downstairs and looked into the dining room, I saw a big box on the table. I instantly I lit up! I opened It and saw a keyboard. This would be my very first keyboard, the Casio WK 200! The rest Is history...

Produced by JSmash @ 9 y/o!

​​Welcome to the JSmash Page! 

Produced by JSmash @ 9 y/o!

JSmash Live Performance @ 8 y/o!


JSmash Is a 12 year old producer from Pittsburgh, PA


And years later came a new member, Bam Bam!

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A Little About Me

12 Track instrumental album by the 12 year old producer JSmash.

He's produced for and worked with many groups and artists, such as The Wulords, Pocketaces, UNDALRDS, Ezekiel, and more.



JSmash Vol. 3

Ezekiel XI - Album by the artist Ezekiel 

Produced by JSmash

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