​​​Kid Nation Foundation


the advanced package takes you through how to:

- The basics of music theory (tempo, bpm, bars, notes, chords, melodies)
- The basics of musical concepts (intros, outros, verses, hooks, bridges)

- The different forms of musical releases (singles, EPs, LPs, albums, CDs, Vinyls, mp3)

- How to write a verse

- How to write a hook and/or bridge

​​Thats all In the base package! If you’re new to creating music, or you’re just not good with music conceptually then this package Is for you. It’ll give you a base knowledge that Is useful across all genres.

This class Is ran by Lionel Ash, and JDAAMusic, both are very experienced In the music business. JDAA has been Involved In music, along with the business side of It since 2008. He's been apart of groups, the Pocketaces, UNDALRDS, and Wulords. 

Lionel Ash

- Brand yourself as an artist
- Brand yourself on social media
- Publish a song 
- Promote a song 

​Completing the intermediate package, you'll have a base set up as an artist for people to find you, and your music. You’ll know how to release music, and promote it.  

the beginner package Takes you through how to:

Lionel has been involved In music since 1989, starting out only as a school project where he made a song about not drinking on prom. For the school project, he had to go to a studio to record a song for It, this sparked him on his journey as an artist.

In 1991 he went to the Pittsburgh Academy for Arts, and enrolled for the Music Video Business (MVB) course, he later went on to become the producer, and manager of many projects. Some of these are, P.A.O., Brictop, Wulords, UNDALRDS, Pocketaces, and the Kid Nation Foundation.

Lionel Ash & JDAAMusic

 Whether you choose to take 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of these packages, we have no doubt that It’ll help you immensely on your journey as an producer.​

For any questions or business inquires, contact us at kidnationfoundation@gmail.com 

- Make and publish a video for your song
- Purchase merchandise for your brand
- Book shows as an artist
- Perform live

​After completing the final package, the advanced package, you’ll have all It takes to present your music to the world!

the base package takes you through:

Kid Nation Foundation Programs 

This program goes through the step by step process of branding yourself as an artist, along with the making, and releasing of a song, from beginning to end. 

- Pick a beat
- Clear a beat

- Form a song

- Record a song

- Perform a song

You’ll walk away with a copy of the song you created, digitally, and physically, along with the KNF technique of how to perform It. That’s all In the beginner package! 

the intermediate package takes you through how to: