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the advanced package takes you through how to:

​​This program goes through the step by step process of branding yourself as an artist, along with the creating, mixing, mastering, and publishing of a beat. 

- Pick and EQ sounds
- Create interesting and dynamic melodies 
- Layer melodies
- Create effective and punchy drum loops
- Arrange a beat

You’ll walk away with a digital draft of your beat, and a head start by JDAAMusic into the beat producing world. That’s all In the beginner package! 

the beginner package Takes you through how to:

- Mix a beat 
- Add glue like FX and transitions 
- Master a beat
- Export a beat 

Completing the intermediate package, you’ll know how to create, along with mixing and mastering a clean, and interesting beat. You’ll also walk away with a finished digital, and physical copy of your beat.

Kid Nation Foundation Programs 

- How to start out as a producer (even on a tight budget)
- The basics of music theory (tempo, bpm, bars, notes, chords, melodies)
- The basics of musical concepts (intros, outros, verses, hooks, bridges)

That’s all In the base package! If you’re new to creating music, or you’re just not good with music conceptually then this package Is for you. It’ll give you a base knowledge that Is useful across all genres.

JDAA has been featured on events and festivals such as, The Thrival Festival, featuring big names including, WuTang, Wale, Panic! at the Disco, and Chainsmokers just to name a few. 

This program Is ran by JDAAMusic, JDAA has been Involved In the music business since 2008. He’s produced beats for independent movies, online series, and tv shows. He’s also produced for artists and groups such as, The Pocketaces, UNDALRDS, Wulords, Ezekiel, Cappadonna, Joey Fatz, Killarmy, 9th Prince and more. 


the intermediate package takes you through how to:

- Copyright your beat
- Brand yourself as an producer
- Brand yourself on social media
- Publish and/or sell your beat
- Promote your beat(s)

After completing the final package, the advanced package, you’ll have all It takes to takes present your music to the world! 

The dopest producer to work with because he's In love with the music -Ezekiel

the base package takes you through:

 Whether you choose to take 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of these packages, we have no doubt that It’ll help you immensely on your journey as an producer.​

For any questions or business inquires, contact us at kidnationfoundation@gmail.com