​​Logan Fontenelle Middle School students from Bellevue, Nebraska put together money to buy their teacher, Trey Payne new shoes after his previous shoes were stolen. 

The teacher when presented with the box of shoes was brought to tears by the act of kindness, the students did It out of appreciation for their teacher, we consider that very admirable.

Teachers do such an important job and good teachers don't always get the appreciation or respect that they deserve, acts like this make us hopeful for the relationship between students and teachers

school teacher moved to tears by students buying him new shoes after his previous pair were stolen

Wiz Khalifa started a program called the 'Clothes Off My Back' program. He's selling clothes from his personal collection on his website, all of the money gained from It will be given to Pittsburgh Public Programs for their music programs.

We see this as a great example of giving back, we appreciate these kind of acts greatly as It shows that he cares about giving back to the youth, especially to the youth from where he came from.

Wiz Khalifa's starts 'Clothes Off My Back' Program to Fundraise for Pittsburgh Public Schools


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